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a lot of this looks political it me. i think they ought to do away with this tax exemption left and right. i think it is a scam, they are getting a beneficial tax treatment from the federal government to conduct political activity that they are disguising as social welfare. >> they wanted to be under section 501 c-4 of the tax code based on certain forms of taxation. it is a serious matter correct? the question is what laws may have been broken and. >> i don't know what the laws are. but there has to be some law that must have required they act reasonably and fairly and judiciously. if you give both sides the same treatment. if you are asking are members of your family going to run for political office? and you are only asking them of and people, those are the ones you give the grown light to and the others you hold back something is wrong with that. i don't know if it is criminal but it should be i don't in comparison to the tea party you have bus for progress a new jersey pron profit, they got their irs approval for a social welfare group and they got their tax exemption. anot
in the selection of the tax exemption applications? >> we did not, sir. >> reporter: the treasury department confirmed the timeline but said they did not know the details of the investigation until last week. it's the first evidence that someone within the obama administration knew about the white house was told of the federal investigation. republican congressman aaron schock serves on the house ways and means committee which oversees the i.r.s. >> we don't have any reason to believe at this point that it was anybody outside i.r.s. directing them to do this. obviously, there's been claimed claims that the white house might have been involved and other groups. i don't have any reason to believe that. >> reporter: he says the i.r.s.' behavior was criminal, claiming it hurt the ability of creativity groups to fund raise, and that limited their influence. >> until we know who it was responsible for the activities, we need to continue to investigate. >> reporter: a six-month-long investigation by the inspector general failed to pinpoint exactly who made the decision to subject some applications
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Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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